2019-2021 Strategic Plan

Our 3-year Strategic Plan marks a turning point for Neighbourhood Pharmacies as we serve a key leadership role in advancing pharmacy's business interests across the broader pharmaceutical, distribution and pharmacy ecosystems.  Our goal is to resolve the challenges confronting the pharmacy industry, from the consequences of governments' race to the bottom on pricing to limits on reimbursement for high-cost drugs in the private insurance sector and regulatory initiatives that stifle legitimate competition, among other issues.  Our members are increasing healthcare capacity in primary care by increasing their assessments and prescribing for common ailments, and they are becoming the permanent location for vaccinations.

It is vital that our Association continues to advocate for the business of Canadian pharmacy, given the vital role our members play in creating capacity in our healthcare system, accessible care in our communities, and ensuring policies and regulations foster the highest quality and efficiency of care is delivered to improve the wellbeing of Canadians.  Neighbourhood Pharmacies remains the indispensable national voice working to establish a sustainable operating environment for all our members' specialty pharmacy models of care delivery.

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