Executive Summary: Value of Specialty Pharmacy Services to the Healthcare System

Key findings from our landmark full report

Neighbourhood Pharmacies is pleased to release the key findings from our first-of-its-kind report, The Value of Specialty Pharmacy Services to the Healthcare System.

Pharmacies provide a wide range of services to support patients taking specialty medications. This Executive Summary is a synopsis of the key findings from our landmark report that defines, describes and quantifies the value of six major categories of specialty pharmacy services, including:

  1. Upfront and ongoing investment in infrastructure and facilities to manage high-cost, complex medication inventory
  2. Reimbursement navigation to help patients access appropriate financial coverage
  3. Intravenous (IV) infusion administration and coordination
  4. Enhanced dispensing-related services to protect the integrity of complex medications
  5. Enhanced medication management to optimize therapy outcomes
  6. Enhanced clinical monitoring to ensure effectiveness and safety of specialty medications

The report explores each of these categories in depth to illustrate the value of pharmacy’s contributions for patient care and the healthcare system. In so doing, the report demonstrates how pharmacies are filling gaps through the provision of specialty services that would otherwise have to be provided, and paid for, by the public healthcare system.

Developed in partnership with IQVIA Canada. Full Report available to Members & Partners.

Executive Summary