Neighbourhood Pharmacies Provides Recommendations to Renewed PMPRB Guideline Development Process

Response to November 2023 Scoping Document Themes and Questions

As part of the PMPRB’s refreshed consultation on the development of upcoming guidelines, we provided a formal submission addressing some of the themes and questions put forward by the Board's November 2023 Scoping Paper. Our recommendations build on our remarks at the stakeholder round tables hosted by the PMPRB on December 4 and 5, 2023; the first step in the Board's broader consultation process. Our four key recommendations urge the  Board to recognize the interconnectedness of various health policies and pharmacy’s ability to sustain patient access to medications, the need to ensure existing medications are not reassessed to allow predictability for the sector and some considerations around how medications for rare diseases might be addressed.

December 20 2023 Submission to the PMPRB