Neighbourhood Pharmacies Submission to Ontario Government on Changing Markups

Consultation on changing mark-ups paid to dispensers under the Ontario Drug Benefit program

Highlights of our submission 

As the Canadian association representing pharmacy operators, we act in Ontario and across the country, to support policy makers with the development of innovative solutions that allow pharmacies support primary care while advocating for fair and sustainable funding for community pharmacies.

On behalf of our member pharmacies across Ontario, we are providing feedback on the proposed amendments to regulations under the Ontario Drug Benefit Act, Reg. Reg. 201/96. If approved, these amendments will terminate the pharmacy reconciliation adjustment payments and instead implement a new multi-tiered markup payment framework.

We offer the following key comments:

1. We remain opposed to policy changes to the fundamental pharmacy funding mechanism that reduce the available funding upon which pharmacies depend, ultimately jeopardizing all Ontarians’ access to medications and care.
2. Ongoing investment into the pharmacy sector to expand access to pharmacy led primary care and public health services is cost effective way of meeting healthcare goals.
3. Developing additional pharmacy funding models that reflect the value and complexity of pharmacy services will help ensure Ontario’s pharmacies can continue

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Submission to Ontario Government on Changing Markups