Neighborhood Pharmacies expresses concern over FDA approval for Florida to import medications from Canada

Our concerns for the impact this announcement may have on the stability of the Canadian drug supply.

Neighbourhood Pharmacies Association of Canada is concerned over the announcement on January 5th, 2024, that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will authorize Florida to import select prescription medication in bulk from Canada, and the potential impact that this measure could have on the stability of the Canadian drug supply.

Canada’s drug supply has persistently been a challenge to manage, particularly exacerbated during the years of the pandemic. Allowing international parties to import large quantities of medication from Canada could further strain our already delicate drug supply in this country. 

While we applaud the Canadian Federal Government commitment to safeguarding medication availability and its efforts to limit substantial drug exports to the US, we believe it's essential to reassess and potentially expand these measures in response to this news. The protection of the Canadian drug supply demands a proactive approach. 

Neighbourhood Pharmacies feels strongly that we must do everything that we can to ensure a stable and adequate supply of medications for Canadians.  We will continue to be vigilant and maintain regular communication with our government partners to prevent any additional strain on the Canadian drug supply stemming from this news. 

January 8th Statement in Response to FDA Announcement