Neighbourhood Pharmacies Calls on CHI to Develop Equitable Funding Model for E-Prescribing Tool

Neighbourhood Pharmacies’ Response to Canada Health Infoway RFEOI Regarding PrescribeIT® Funding

In response to last week's Request for Expression of Interest released by Canada Health Infoway regarding the ongoing funding of PrescribeIT®, Neighbourhood Pharmacies today released a statement encouraging CHI to develop an equitable funding model based on cost recovery contributions from all stakeholders who benefit from the use of the e-prescribing tool.

The benefits of e-prescribing and the improved quality of healthcare services it supports extend systemically to multiple stakeholders across the healthcare landscape, not just pharmacies and their patients, but also prescribers, other healthcare providers, provincial governments, and healthcare systems. Pharmacies should not bear the sole responsibility for the costs associated with the use of this tool.

Please find our full response and recommendation below 

Our Response