New Ontario Healthcare Plan Supports Expanded Roles for Pharmacies as Community Health Hubs

On February 2,  Ontario’s Minister of Health Sylvia Jones, Minister of Long-Term Care Paul Calandra and Minister of Colleges and Universities Jill Dunlop unveiled the province’s new healthcare plan, focused on connecting people to convenient care, close to home. Community pharmacy is highlighted as a key factor in achieving the province’s goal of providing the right care in the right place. The recent roll out and uptake of minor ailments services at community pharmacies is highlighted as a key success in increasing patient access to treatment and care while taking pressures off other areas of the health system. The plan also commits to expanding the scope of pharmacy professionals to better mobilize the use of health human resources and increasing integration of electronic health records and other digital means of providing care. 

We applaud the Government’s recognition of the important role pharmacy plays in connecting patients to convenient, accessible and timely care in their communities. We are delighted with the outcomes of our advocacy in collaboration with the Ontario Pharmacists Association on investing in access to care, and we look forward to supporting the Government and the sector as we further the development of pharmacies as community health hubs.

Read the official News Release for more information.