Routine vaccinations are provided to children and adults throughout their lifetime to prevent viruses, such as HPV, shingles, and pneumonia, amongst others, from wreaking havoc on one’s own health and the surrounding communities.

Routine vaccinations have historically been provided through public health clinics or by family physicians.

A national survey, completed in September 2021 in partnership with 19 to Zero, has revealed that one in four adults has missed or is unsure if they have missed a routine vaccination for them self or their child due to the pandemic.

When only factoring children, the data is even more concerning, suggesting that up to 35 per cent of children may have missed a critical routine vaccine. This troubling drop has placed Canada on the cusp of a preventable secondary public health crisis.

Unfortunately, given the overwhelming focus on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary public health restrictions enacted over the last year and a half, there have been unintended consequences, including the cancellation of in-school vaccine clinics.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it lives within five kilometres of 95 per cent of Canadians. Pharmacists are already able to administer vaccinations in every province, including the flu shot. They have also played a critical role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, having administered over 10 million COVID-19 vaccines across Canada.  

We have pursued a pan-Canadian approach to evaluate and take action on this important issue, including completing a poll with a large sample size undertaken by 19 to Zero and commissioned by Neighbourhood Pharmacies.


Neighbourhood Pharmacies has launched the One in Four campaign to:

  • Educate Canadians about the concerning drop in routine immunizations throughout the pandemic
  • Advocate for additional means to access these easy and convenient vaccines and
  • Complement the ongoing efforts of family physicians and public health clinics throughout the country provides information, and an online petition concerned Canadians can sign to show their support for actions that ensure we keep our families and communities healthy and safe.

How to Get Involved

Neighbourhood Pharmacies has developed a Routine Vaccinations Toolkit that includes information and resources to help engage on the priorities identified in this campaign.

These tools include:

  • Issue Backgrounder
  • Media Release
  • Key Messages
  • Qs & As
  • Social Media Key Messages
  • Advocacy 101: Suggestions for Meeting with an Elected Official
  • Advocacy 101: Meeting Report





British Columbia

Neighbourhood Pharmacies has also launched the Supporting Healthy Communities campaign in British Columbia, calling attention to pharmacies as a convenient, local option to provide COVID-19 boosters to those who need them.

In B.C., we highlight the accessibility and convenience of pharmacy, emphasizing their ability to deliver accessible care within the community.

Please watch the B.C. campaign video highlighting pharmacies’ role in supporting healthy communities and showcasing pharmacy as a strong partner when it comes to vaccine availability.

We encourage you to share and amplify these messages within your networks to support pharmacy’s vocal, unified position on this important issue.







Routine Vaccinations Toolkit