Neighbourhood Pharmacies Video Showcasing Community Pharmacy

Thank you, for everything

This video recognizes and promotes the excellence of pharmacy and its role in advancing the standards of healthcare delivery.

Pharmacy serves on the frontlines of public health and primary care, delivering testing and immunization services that are critical during the pandemic. Pharmacy's leadership ensures continuity of patient care and safeguards the medication supply. Pharmacies support their communities as healthcare hubs, assisting Canadians in navigating the healthcare system, along with the plethora of information and misinformation. Pharmacy teams fill gaps in care and meet Canadians’ needs without hesitation.

Throughout the difficulties posed by COVID-19, pharmacy’s doors have remained open. This video is a valuable resource to raise awareness among government, industry partners, and the public of community pharmacy's incredible contributions. We are proud to showcase this tremendous dedication, highlight pharmacy’s work, and call attention to opportunities to further unlock pharmacy’s potential.