As government navigates the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects on the future needs of our healthcare system, Neighbourhood Pharmacies has developed a comprehensive federal election platform https://neighbourhoodpharmacies.ca/federal-election-2021 with five key recommendations to further unlock the pharmacy sector's potential as a healthcare partner.

To increase capacity in public health, Neighbourhood Pharmacies is calling on all parties and candidates to:

  • Build Immunization Capacity
  • Expand Point-of-Care Testing 
  • Enhance Opportunities to Fight the Opioid Crisis

To support improved access to medications through a robust, sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain, Neighbourhood Pharmacies recommends policies that:

  • Prioritize Medication Coverage for the Uninsured and Underinsured
  • Balance Drug Pricing with Patient-Centred Value

How to Get Involved

Neighbourhood Pharmacies has developed a Federal Election Toolkit that includes information and resources to help engage on the priorities identified in our 2021 Election Platform.

These tools include:

  • Federal Election Platform 2021: Unlocking Pharmacy’s Potential as a Healthcare Partner
  • Platform Press Release
  • Key Messages on Unlocking Pharmacy’s Potential
  • Social Media Key Messages
  • Summary of Party Platforms
  • Advocacy 101: Ten Suggestions for Meeting with a Candidate
  • Advocacy 101: Candidate Meeting Report

Federal Election Toolkit